Nutrition plays an important role in your health. In addition, food is also simply delicious! Dietitian at Fresh Chick design is happy to help you achieve a healthy diet. With medical complaints, adjusting the diet can help to reduce the symptoms and / or prevent more complaints.


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Here you will find an overview of tasty recipes, tips and inspiration. The recipes are much healthier than the ready-made variants and easy to make yourself.

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Health is quality of life. Nutrition and lifestyle play an important role in this.

Do you recognize this? Before you go to the dietitian you have often tried everything yourself, without results. That can be very frustrating and you may not understand where things are going wrong. Then it is nice if someone thinks along with you and gives advice that suits your personal situation! Or maybe your doctor referred you to a dietitian because of a diagnosis such as diabetes, gastrointestinal complaints (such as IBS) or you are on the waiting list for a medical procedure such as bariatry. You are central  because your request for help and situation are unique. That is why  every diet advice is tailor-made.

Whether it concerns weight problems, an irritable bowel (IBS), hormonal complaints or diabetes. Professional tailor-made guidance will help you further!

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Healthy food forms the basis for a healthy lifestyle. But exercise and the necessary relaxation also play an important role. Dietitian will therefore also look at your exercise pattern.

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With medical complaints, adjusting the diet can help to reduce the symptoms and / or prevent more complaints.

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Make more contact with your body and feel which signals your body sends out. So we also look at what your real needs are instead of eating or not eating.

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In addition, we can also prepare a relapse prevention plan and, in particular, we look together at what you need, so that you can (again) establish a healthy relationship with food.


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Are you not satisfied with your weight, do you want to improve your diet, do you want to feel fitter / more energetic, or do you have questions about nutrition (also with health problems or medical complaints)? Then you have come to the right place. We are happy to help you in practice
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Customer Reviews

I am happier and healthier, my body looks much better. I walk more straight and I have more self confidence. I am able to do things that before I thought were not possible. “You can do more than you think” By seeing improvement in the things that I do, in my body and physical condition, I realise that I can do the same in any other aspect of my life.

Mario Hughes


My favorite thing about training with Angela is her positive energy and passion for her work it truly radiates off her. She always creates a challenging and ever changing workout (no session is ever the same!), in the beginning we worked on the correct form for each exercise, This has been incredibly helpful and made me more aware of my body. She always motivates me to exceed my own expectations.

Michael Rolling

Health Tips

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Energy for extra movement We all know that exercise is good for you. But it does sometimes get worse. And that while it can be so much fun! It is all that little bit easier with an electric bicycle . Experience shows that you let the car stand faster and that you enjoy......

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