About Us

Spring Welcome Party for Kids

My name is Danielle and I am one of the founders of Fresh Chick Designs. Our story began in 2005 as my friend Jihan and I decided to help parents in our neighborhood to find the vision, tools, and products for their newborn babies and toddlers, a kid-friendly decorating projects. We rent a small space in Milwaukee to set up a studio where we can work our projects. Since then, Fresh Chick Designs has grown bigger, attracting more parents, professional designers, and bloggers. We’ve been connected to the internet to share our advice and tips on parenting and DIY projects and product designs for babies, toddlers, and kids. We always strive to update the content and products of our website weekly with the help of expert members, so we can help you get inspired and stay informed through the content. We’re especially experts when it comes to tackling DIY projects and merging insider advice from our design experts. In addition to the strong content of the website and our talented community, we offer our specially curated selection of the most coveted nursery design and décor products through our online shop and studio located in Milwaukee.

Fresh Chick Designs is a platform where you can find useful tips and advice for parenthood. You can also buy here DIY products for your little ones. The Fresh Chick Designs includes various party favors and products including templates, invitations, banners and more. We also have nursery items such flannel, bibs, and a lot more. As our products continuously grow, items are becoming available at all leading store such as Amazon. We constantly release new designs and projects that cater to every parent and children’s needs.

We hope you’ve taken the time to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. This will help you further in understanding the products and services we offer. May this website helpful to you while you’re in the stage of taking care of your little ones. We hope we become a way for you to enjoy parenting.