Looking for something unique and different but fun for your child’s birthday party? Wanted to create a DIY project for your little ones? Bring some color into their life and host a unique, colorful and playful birthday party in the comfort of your home! Fresh Chick Designs offer the following services to our dear customers and parents out there.

Design and DIY – We offer our creations to every mom who wanted to do some DIY project at our studio. We have a room where we can work and create our own designs peacefully away from our kids. Interested mommies can come and visit our Fresh Chick Designs Studio at Milwaukee. Kindly message us for further details.

Shop – We have lots of products to offer. Nursery product including flannels, bibs and nursery bags. All products are created and designs by the owners and other partnered design experts. We also have party favors and other party items. Templates that can be downloaded exclusively on our website.

Blog – Weekly blogs with tips and advice can be found on our website. Subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive first in our weekly updates.

Kiddie Parties – If you don’t have time to do organize a party for your kids, don’t look further, Fresh Chick Designs have many ways to get an amazing birthday party for your child. We have several options for birthday parties, send us an email to know more details.

Community Events – We love being a part of the community and helping others raise money for their beneficiaries. Our business is a perfect way to raise money. 30% of income will go back to the fundraising group. Getting our services can be done in different ways, you can send a request via email or through a phone call or simply visit our studio. We are happy to serve anyone of you.