Spring Welcome Party for Kids

Party for Kids

Spring Welcome Party for Kids

Hello mommies, welcome to our blog! Before we share our new ideas for today, we want to inform you first, in case you haven’t heard it yet, we’ve moved our studio in a new place. Yes, a cute, bright little space where we can call it our own. A relaxing place where we can design, create, and do our own DIYs. We have bought an empty space here in Milwaukee. We even had it renovated, installed with a modern glass garage door done only by a trusted garage door specialist in the area. The result was superb. As such, if you encounter some problems with your garage doors, we highly recommend A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee to do the job for you. They really do exceptional work just like what they did in the garage door in our new studio.

We got a lot busier in this past few months because there are lots of moms inquiring and enrolling in our DIY workshop, so we needed a better place to work. Nothing fancy in the new studio, just some added space. We have now three rooms in our space, one that will serve as our work studio, the second one is a small room for our office and the last one where we display and sell party favors. We officially re-opened the studio last month and we are very thankful for its success.

So with the Spring season just around the corner, it was time again to set up a cute and small playdate for our little ones. Worried about the small backyard, and the budget? Throw away all your worries because we can help you create a minimalistic playset without taking the fun it can bring. When planning for a small playdate, you don’t really need much. So even if the budget you have is not that big and the space is just a small one, you can still maximize this to create the perfect playdate. For instance, for us, we started with our backdrop propped against a small lemon tree. This gave a perfect and fun playdate setting. For snacks, go for cupcakes & candies from your local bakeries. You will also need some designed printables (you can find many templates on this at our online store), a cute banner and ribbon, and fabric scraps. Underneath the fabric, you can put there mini tables suited for the height of your kids so they can easily grab a treat. To create less serious decorations, mix the fabric patterns of your choice to set the theme for a playful table set-up. It is simply rewarding when you style your own table setting even if it’s simple. You can arrange it to be cute enough for your little ones and friends to enjoy.

Once things were set up, you can dress up your adorable little ones in a costume that is within your chosen theme. In addition, to your playdate party, do not forget to make cute party favors. Just prepare small jars filled with colorful candies then embellished the jars with printables designs and attached them with coordinating twines on it.

And there it is, you can now welcome the Spring season in a fun, easy and budget-friendly playdate for your kids! Happy Spring! Keep up on all of the happenings by becoming a subscriber in our newsletter! Sign up now for free!

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